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Ertuğrulgazi Male Dormitory

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İzmir yolu üzerinde, Uludağ Üniverstesi Görükle Kampüsü girişinde, [Hyundai Bilim Otomotiv Arkası] Ertuğrulkent sınırları içerisindedir.

Hayırsever halkımızın yardımıyla 2700 m2 arsa üzerinde, 2 blok halinde 800m2 , 8 katlı ve 200 öğrenci kapasiteli olarak yapılmış ve yurdumuz Eylül 2009 da hizmete girmiştır.



As Ertuğrulgazi Student Dormitory, our mission is “in accordance with the spirit of unity, solidarity and brotherhood; to raise generations that are integrated with national and spiritual values and equipped with the science of the century.

Bursa is a city to live with its developed industry and its unique nature that offers job and internship opportunities.

While we are trying to train our students with the plans, programs and social activities we set out on this path we set out with the aim of "raising qualified youth", on the other hand, we are trying to create a big family atmosphere with the understanding of brotherhood at our core.

Our greatest desire is to raise generations that complete their education in the best way, and who protect themselves and their nation on the other hand, while values are changing rapidly in time.

We are continuing our sincere efforts and services with the justified pride of being an institution that raises young people who will serve humanity like them in this city founded under the shadow of great plane trees by our grandfathers who have served humanity for centuries.